Our Vision

NGS, a centre of excellence in education, believes that every child has a treasure within. The school kindles in children intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development. It aims to produce successful, responsible, creative, global citizens striving for excellence and committed to nature and progress of society. It envisions a stimulating learning environment by providing highly motivated facilitators, innovative educational methods and quality infrastructure that will help to discover, nurture and bring to fruition the treasure within.


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Our Mission

Nishangi Global School will be a centre for excellence in education. In keeping with the rich heritage of Hyderabad, it will stress the simultaneous development of the Spirit, the Mind, and the Body and endeavour to send out compassionate, responsible and innovative students committed to change and progress in the development of India and the global environment.

Nishangi Global School: About the School

At Nishangi Global School, one of the top CBSE schools in Hyderabad, we provide education that has a long-term impact. We create a solid foundation while also instilling positive ideals. A strong foundation in morals and ethics helps children make wise decisions throughout their lives, and instilling these values at a young age is essential. From Kindergarten to Grade XII, we are regarded as the top CBSE school in Malakpet. There are state-of-the-art facilities for visual and performing arts, including dance, music, indoor sports and gymnastics, on a vast site.

Top CBSE School in Malakpet

Furthermore, we take great pride in the fact that we are one of the top pre-primary schools in Hyderabad that offer an exciting learning atmosphere paired with proper teaching methodologies and specialised learning material for each individual student. We believe that every kid has the potential to succeed if given the right prerequisites. As a result, every Nishangian is equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the twenty-first century.

Top CBSE School in Malakpet

Our Core Values


It is our belief that each person works hard to attain their goals and takes satisfaction in their development and accomplishments.

Self-Improvement Mindset

We are committed to never stopping our growth and striving to become better people with each passing day.


By supporting kids goals, we, the best primary school, establish trust. We work hard to build trust among school members.

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We put a lot of emphasis on the well-being of all school personnel, both physically and psychologically.