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Nestled in one of the greenest suburbs of Hyderabad, Nishangi Global School, is highly progressive and enterprising school committed to providing quality education with great emphasis on traditional values.

Here at NGS, we are re-inventing education by breaking old moulds of thought. This progressive thinking has led to progressive teaching methods and has brought about tremendous change in how our students learn.

Nishangi Global school follows research based academic program that builds thinking skills & problem solving confidence in children. NGS children ask more questions, can write in their own words, like doing word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own, are not afraid to speak-up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well on tests.

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In today's society, when everything appears to change in a matter of seconds, preparing your child's future to keep up with the fast-paced world is essential. That's why one needs to learn from the best! Nishangi Global School is one of the best high-ranked top pre-primary schools in Hyderabad. With modern learning, top-notch facilities and discipline, Hyderabad schools are paving the way for children.

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Nishangi Global School is the most elite and top CBSE school in Malakpet with global intercultural learning! Intending to shape children into responsible citizens, Nishangi Global teaches students to not only read and write, but examine every situation critically to improve their child's understanding in this digital world. We are not only just a school but a brand establishing a new approach to learning with its unique, children-centric global learning. Being the best school in Hyderabad CBSE, we include IIT and NEET preparations in our syllabus to promote early preparations for students to gain a deeper knowledge for the future.

Enroll your children in a worldwide learning program that honours and acknowledges each child's individual strengths and values. We strive hard to help each child become a responsible citizen with a bright future.


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Why from SVHS to NGS?

  • NGS is standing on par with the standards of any other Neighbourhood schools
  • NGS believes in Technology and Knowledge
  • NGS is completely digitalized
  • NGS introduced STEM CBSE curriculum
  • NGS introduced IIT-NEET foundation
  • NGS is completely focusing on communication technology
  • Transformation of look and feel of the school
  • Building Eco-Friendly campus
Why from SVHS to NGS?
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Importance of Enrolling Your Kid in Nishangi Global School

The foundation of education is a primary school. Future success is also built on this. Since the primary education sector focuses on both teaching and personality development, it provides students with the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways, including via the use of technology. There are several advantages to starting school when a child is young. They are able to tell the difference between good and evil at a very early age. One of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad, Nishangi Global School, takes education extremely seriously and guarantee that each kid receives individual attention and is motivated to learn. We, as a top CBSE school in Malakpet, encourage students to take an active role in their education, even when they are still in elementary school.

Enroll your children in a worldwide learning program that honours and acknowledges each child's individual strengths and values. We strive hard to help each child become a responsible citizen with a bright future.

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What Makes Us Different from Other Schools?

If you live in a fast-paced world, prepping your kid's future to catch pace with it is crucial. You need to be taught by the greatest in order to succeed. One of the leading schools in Malakpet Hyderabad, Nishangi Global School is a highly regarded institution. The best primary school near Amberpet is pioneering the way for youngsters with cutting-edge technology, top-notch facilities and a strong sense of discipline.

Because we're the best school in Hyderabad CBSE, we place emphasis on a well-rounded education for all of our children, including academics, extracurricular activities and sports. When it comes to primary education, we focus on conceptual learning, since here is where students put their early-year skills to work.

One of the top-rated CBSE high schools in Hyderabad, located near Himayathnagar, aims to provide students with a better future.