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Welcome to Nishangi Global School - One of the best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad. Global learning! The word itself means students here learn about the wider world. There are a range of terms to describe activities intended to support global learning including technology in our school. Education, global citizenship, world ready quality education, intercultural education at the global level and education for sustainable development. The internet of things has brought fast changes as to how children should learn to empower.

Nishangi Global School thinks of bringing early education as a place to shape them into citizens of the world. Teach them to be responsible and law-abiding members of society. This starts when enrol their children in extracurricular activities as well to help them understand what they love to do and what they are truly good at. Education at our school is a creative approach of bringing about change in the society. It is an active learning process based upon universal values of justice, tolerance, inclusion, solidarity, equality, co-operation and non-violence which bring empowerment along.

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At the end of all the need for learning is to create citizens who can act on what they've learned. Making Nishangi Global School a digital educational premises is one of our goals. Providing affordable education is what we intend.

Our school syllabus also incorporates IIT & NEET syllabus. Teaching children from this perspective enables them gain a better understanding of the world. They turn inquiring, knowledge able and caring young people.

It is a necessity for the 21st Century learner to develop skills, attitudes and values which enable us to work together & bring about change and take control of our own lives.

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Nurturing respect for all, helping learners become responsible & building a sense of belonging to a common humanity by becoming active citizens is the primary aim of Nishangi Global School.

Transport Facility Available Within 8 Km Distance from Our School Campus | Nishangi Global School

Transport Facility Available Within 8 Km Distance from Our School Campus

CCTV Monitoring for A Safe & Secure Premises | Nishangi Global School

CCTV Monitoring for A Safe & Secure Premises

Advanced Fire Safety Measures Available | Nishangi Global School

Advanced Fire Safety Measures Available

Background Verification Check For School Staff  | Nishangi Global School

Background Verification Check for School Staff